Our cooperation with the German Embassy and Consulates in China has ended.

Since February 20, 2019 TLScontact is no longer accepting visa applications on behalf of the German missions in China.

Applicants whose applications are still processed by the German missions should contact the German missions regarding their application status.

The website and locations of the new service provider for visa applications are published through the website of the Embassy of Germany.


Express Courier Return

Fast and easy - receive your passport by express courier to your chosen address.

Starting at 60 RMB

Premium Lounge

Enjoy the exclusive space of a Premium Lounge, refreshments and hot beverages, as well as dedicated customer service to help you with application documents.

250 RMB /Applicant

Prime Time Weekend

Enjoy the convenience of TLScontact opening outside of the classic working days.

250 RMB /Applicant

Travel Insurance

TLScontact is pleased to introduce its travel insurance according to the Schengen requirements.

On Demand

Passport photos

A self-service photo booth is at your disposal inside the Visa Application Centre, compliant with Consulate’s requirements.

35 RMB / 6 photos


Our photocopying service is available to give you the opportunity to provide compliant documents and keep your originals.

1 RMB / page

Form Filling Assistance

Get support from experienced visa application staff at the Visa Application Centre in order to complete your Visa Application Form on line.

60 RMB / Form

Added Value Services descriptions

Our Visa Application Centre offer a wide selection of Added Value Services designed to make your journey through the visa application process easier and more convenient.

These services are optional and require a fee to be paid during the submission process in the Visa Application Centre.

Please read the full descriptions and terms and conditions below before deciding which service you would like to use.


  • These optional services do not guarantee that a visa will be granted.
  • The Added Value Service fees are not refundable in case of withdrawal or visa refusal.


PRICE: 60 RMB (available only in Shanghai)

PRICE: 90 RMB (countrywide express mail service)

Would you like your passport delivered to your chosen address by Express Courier?

This service allows you to receive your passport returned by Express Courier at the end of the application process at any convenient address in mainland China (excluding HongKong, Macao and Taiwan).

No need to come back to the Visa Application Centre, EMS (Express Mail Service) will take care of your passport for you.

TLScontact will process the passport for delivery on the day we receive it from the consular authority.

Recipient’s address and information for the courier service must be filled in by the applicant or representative during application submission appointment.

Once the application has been submitted, no changes can be made to the recipient address and information. If you choose to cancel this service after your application has been submitted, the courier fee cannot be refunded.

To purchase this service, please consult our staff at any time during the application process in the Visa Application Centre.


PRICE: 250 RMB / Applicant

Enjoy the exclusive space of a Premium Lounge, with dedicated customer service staff to help you with application documents, as well as refreshments and hot beverages.

This effective and comfortable service includes:

  • A direct access to our Premium Lounge for the submission of your application.
  • A wide array of magazines and newspapers, snacks, cool and hot beverages will be at your disposal.
  • A dedicated staff member will assist you during the submission process when you arrive.
  • Free Photocopy service (up to 10 pages)
  • Free email printing service (up to 10 pages)
  • Free fax reception service (up to 10 pages)
  • The option of submitting any missing documents before 15h00 the next working day.
  • Hotline service

To purchase this service, please Contact Us.

You can also ask our staff at any time during the application process in the Visa Application Centre.


PRICE: 250 RMB / Applicant

Individual applicants can submit their visa application and biometric data on Saturday, gaining greater convenience. 

Submission outside of the regular business hours does not imply a shorter processing time by the visa section. 

In addition, passport collection and document completion following the consular instruction services are only available from Monday to Friday during regular opening hours (except public holidays).

The Visa Application Center is open to you on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm with prior appointment.

ADS travel agencies are invited to contact the Visa Application Center through the dedicated e-mail address to get information on Saturday openings for ADS travel groups.

For more information, please Contact Us.


PRICE: Please check here

To facilitate a comfortable and safe experience for the duration of your stay abroad, TLScontact is offering applicants the ability to purchase travel health insurance, compliant with Schengen requirement.

This intuitive self-service insurance service is easily accessible via the platform managed by the third-party provider and offers you a variety of packages that can be customized to your travel needs. 

The Insurance packages have variable prices, depending on your needs, and are independent of the TLScontact Service fee.

To purchase this service, please check here or consult our staff at any time during the application process in the Visa Application Centre.


PRICE: 35 RMB / 6 Photos

Please note that pictures submitted must be complying with the ICAO standards.

An ICAO compliant photo-booth is at your disposal within the Visa Application Centre to take photo.

To purchase this service, please consult our staff at any time during the application process in the Visa Application Centre.


PRICE: 1 RMB / Page

Photocopy service is available in TLScontact to get a copy of your original documents.

To purchase this service, please consult our staff at any time during the application process in the Visa Application Centre


PRICE : 60 RMB / Form

TLScontact team will support you to fill in and complete the information in your visa application form at the Visa Application Centre.

The data will be entered exclusively on the basis of the information received by you. Having opted for this service will in no way influence the decision taken on the application and TLScontact is in no way responsible for the outcome of the visa application process. Completion assistance service is a voluntary service where a member of our staff will help you to complete the application form.

If you wish to have this service, please inform our staff during your application submission in our visa application centre.