Our cooperation with the German Embassy and Consulates in China has ended.

Since February 20, 2019 TLScontact is no longer accepting visa applications on behalf of the German missions in China.

Applicants whose applications are still processed by the German missions should contact the German missions regarding their application status.

The website and locations of the new service provider for visa applications are published through the website of the Embassy of Germany.


Application submission by a representative 

Please refer to Can someone else apply for a visa on my behalf to confirm if you can apply through a representative.

Please note the following points if you are applying through a representative:

1. The representative must bring the authorization form (please click here to download) duly filled and hand signed by the applicant. This authorization letter must meet the requirements, otherwise the application will not be accepted by the TLScontact visa centre.

  • It has to be provided as an original, no copies or faxes are accepted.
  • The letter cannot be shared with other applicants.
  • The letter must be fully filled out. No subsequent alterations are allowed.
  • The applicant’s signature on the letter should resemble the applicant’s signature in the passport or application form.
  • For minor applicants above 10 years old but under the age of 18 on the day of application submission, the authorization letter must be signed by their parents or legal guardian, even though they can sign their name on their own passports.

2. Pay special attention to the compliance of applicant’s passport with requirements on validity, signature,  2 vacant visa pages etc. Click here to check passport requirements.
NB: be careful with the special requirements on the signature of minor applicants on passports and on the application form.

3. Applicant’s picture must fully comply with the strict regulations (for more information see: “What’s the requirement of photo?” )

4. Representatives are only allowed to sign in place of the applicant during their appointment in the visa application centre on the following documents:

  • Consent forms
  • Application checklist.       

5. When the application is submitted at counter,  it is not possible to complete missing or non-compliant supporting documents. 

The representative is strongly advised to clarify with the applicant beforehand if the applicant wants to submit the application or withdraw, should the documents be incomplete. According to the rule of diplomatic missions, the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the visa centre. Representatives cannot contact the applicant during the appointment inside the visa centre.

The representative bears the sole responsibility for the decision about the application’s submission.