Dear Applicants,

Please note that visa processing time during the high season will be on average 5 weeks. Applicants are therefore advised to make use of the option to keep their passports after they have submitted their application at TLScontact. During the high season this will not require any additional documents and the costs for this additional service are 94 EGP. You should submit your passport not later than 5 weeks after your initial application to eventually obtain the visa.

Please inform the agent at the welcome or documentation desk if you would like to make use of this service.

Obtaining your passport from the embassy during the visa processing time is not possible.

Important notice for spouses of British nationals

Due to a possibly unregulated exit of Great Britain from the EU, visas for spouses of British nationals according to the EU freedom of movement stipulations will from now on be limited in validity until 31st October, 2019. For travels after this date, visa applications may be filed. They will be dealt with under the regular visa stipulations (visa code/residence act) with no regard to the EU freedom of movement legal framework. In case of an unregulated exit of Great Britain, British nationals will not be able to enjoy freedom of movement within the EU as of 31st October, 2019. Already issued visas to British national´s spouses under the EU freedom of movement legal framework will be invalid and cannot be used to enter Germany/the EU anymore.