Dear Applicants,

Please note that visa processing time during the high season will be on average 5 weeks. Applicants are therefore advised to make use of the option to keep their passports after they have submitted their application at TLScontact. During the high season this will not require any additional documents and the costs for this additional service are 94 EGP. You should submit your passport not later than 5 weeks after your initial application to eventually obtain the visa.

Please inform the agent at the welcome or documentation desk if you would like to make use of this service.

Obtaining your passport from the embassy during the visa processing time is not possible.


TLScontact is open to the public from Sunday to Thursday:
for visa application: from 07:30 to 13:00
for passport collection and general information from 07:30 to 16:30.
for passport collection and general information in “Ramadan” from 07:30 to 15:00

Address of TLScontact center in Cairo: 4th and 5th floors , Infinity tower, 8 Geziret Al Arab St., Mohandeseen, Giza, Egypt


Public Holidays 2019

Date Day Holiday
01 January, 2019 Tuesday New Year
07 January, 2019 Monday Coptic Christmas
25 April, 2019 Thursday Sinai Liberation Day
28 April, 2019 Sunday Coptic Easter
29 April, 2019 Monday Sham El Neseem
01 May, 2019 Wednesday Labor Day
05 June, 2019 Wednesday Eid el Fitr
06 June, 2019 Thursday Eid el Fitr
23 July, 2019 Tuesday Revolution Day
11 August, 2019 Sunday Eid el Adha
12 August, 2019 Monday Eid el Adha
13 August, 2019 Tuesday  Eid el Adha
06 October, 2019 Sunday Armed Forces Day
10 November, 2019 Sunday Prophet’s birthday
25 December, 2019 Wednesday Christmas

Note: The exact dates of religious holidays are subject to change according to the official announcement

Additional closing days 2019

Note: TLScontact “Passport collection” will be open during the below days. 

According to the Embassy instructions, we will not receive visa applications on the below days:
21 April, 2019
22 April, 2019
04 June, 2019
09 June, 2019
03 October, 2019
09 October, 2019
26 December, 2019