Passport photo: Note that photo in Passport needs to resemble applicant at the time of submitting the application. If this is not the case applicant will be requested to change the passport before application can be submitted.

Application information


TLScontact only accepts ordinary passports and travel documents. For all official passports (diplomatic, service and special), applications must be submitted at the Embassy directly.

Applications processed by TLScontact

By agreement with the Embassy of Germany in Egypt, applicants for the visas listed below should apply at the TLScontact centre:

Short stay Visa (Less than 90 days)

  1. Visa for Visitors;
  2. Visa for Business trips;
  3. Visa for Tourism;
  4. Visa for Medical treatment;
  5. Visa for training.

Applications processed directly by the Embassy of Germany in Egypt

Long stay Visa (More than 90 days)

  1. Family reunion and marriage;
  2. Family reunion and marriage with a legally recognized refugee;
  3. Study and language course;
  4. Work and any other purpose. Among other things, this includes the “Blaue Karte EU” and internships as special subtypes of work visas.

For more information, please visit the Website of the German Embassy in Egypt.