Dear Applicants,

Please note that visa processing time during the high season will be on average 5 weeks. Applicants are therefore advised to make use of the option to keep their passports after they have submitted their application at TLScontact. During the high season this will not require any additional documents and the costs for this additional service are 94 EGP. You should submit your passport not later than 5 weeks after your initial application to eventually obtain the visa.

Please inform the agent at the welcome or documentation desk if you would like to make use of this service.

Obtaining your passport from the embassy during the visa processing time is not possible.

Legalization and Authentication Process

TLScontact can take in documents to apply for the following:


As a rule, documents which have been certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be legalized by the Embassy of Germany in Cairo in order to be accepted as genuine by authorities in Germany. The legalization confirms the authenticity of the signature and the seal of the person who has issued the document. Please follow these steps in order to submit your documents for legalization.

For detailed information on which documents can be legalized and the requirements please go to:

Authentications of copies:

For the requirements please go to:

Please note:

TLScontact cannot take in applications for:

  •  Consular statements (eg. Certificate of being alive, certificate of nonimpediment for a marriage etc.). Information on this and how to apply:

Consular statements (in German)

Consular statements (in Arabic)

  • Authentications of signatures. For more info see:

Authentications of signatures (in German)

Authentications of signatures (in Arabic)

  • Authentications of documents issued in Germany. For more info see:

Authentications of documents issued in Germany (in German)

Authentications of documents issued in Germany (in Arabic)

Step 1: Preparation of documents

  • In general only public documents or documents with public credence (for example university certificates) that have been issued by Egyptian authorities can be legalized by the Embassy of Germany in Cairo.

  • Before the document can be legalized by the Embassy of Germany in Cairo, firstly, it needs to be authenticated by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at one of their legalization offices in or outside Cairo. For the addresses of the offices please click here (Arabic only).

For more information please contact the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • The authentication by the Egyptian Ministry must not be older than one year. It must be provided in a readable format and contain all necessary information (registration number, date, signature, name and seal of the person who has issued the document).

  • The signature of the authentication of the Egyptian Ministry has to be known to the German Embassy. In case an authentication should be signed by an official, whose signature has not (yet) been notified to the German Embassy, the document cannot be legalized and applicants need to return to the Ministry to repeat the process. 

  • All documents in Arabic language must be translated into German by a translator who is recognized by the Embassy of Germany in Cairo. A list of approved translators can be found on the website of the German Embassy

Translations done by certified translators in Germany (“Vereidigte Übersetzer”) can be accepted as well.

Documents that are issued in English by the competent Egyptian authorities do not have to be translated to German.

  • For authentication of copies please make sure to bring the original and that documents fulfill the requirements as mentioned on the website of the German Embassy.

Step 2: Make an appointment

Documents for legalization need to be submitted at the TLScontact Center.

Please create your personal user account, fill out the online form and make an appointment to submit your documents at our center. Please print out your appointment confirmation letter, as you will need to present this document when you attend your appointment.

Step 3: Submit your documents

You can submit your documents in person or authorize a representative to submit the documents on your behalf. He has to provide a signed letter of authorization as well as the original and copy of his /her ID card. The representative cannot be a minor.

Please arrive on time for your appointment with the appointment confirmation letter. If you are late or you fail to attend your appointment, you will be required to make a new appointment.

  1. An extensive range of Added Value Services  is available to facilitate your legalization submission process.

  2. Your documents will be checked according to the requirements of the Embassy of Germany in Cairo. The legalization and service fees are paid in the center. Following completion of these steps, your documents are transferred to the Embassy of Germany in Cairo for legalization.

 You can track your documents at any time by visiting your personal user account

Step 4: Collect your documents

After the Embassy of Germany in Cairo has legalized your documents, your documents will be returned to our centre. You will be notified by SMS as soon as the documents arrive. Please arrive with your application checklist and the original and a copy of your identity card ready. If you wish to designate a representative to pick up your documents on your behalf, please make sure that they bring the following documents:

  • Your ID copy

  • Your application checklist

  • A letter of authorization signed by you

  • Your representative’s original ID and a copy

If you have chosen the TNT Express Delivery Service during documentation submission, your documents will be sent to you directly at your preferred address.