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New travel rules for entering Germany due to COVID-19


The Federal Government has lifted the general entry and travel ban for travellers from the United Kingdom with effect of 7 July 2021. The following rules now apply:

Residents of the United Kingdom are permitted to enter Germany if they serve in an important role or if they have an urgent need to travel [LINK] or if they are fully vaccinated [LINK]. A person is considered a resident of a country if they have their domicile or habitual residence there. A person is specifically considered to have their domicile in a country if they have spent the past six months there.

These entry restrictions do not apply to German citizens or members of their immediate family (spouses, children under 18, parents of children under 18).

EU citizens and citizens of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland and the members of their immediate family (spouses, children under 18, parents of children under 18) are exempt from the entry restrictions. This exemption also applies to British citizens covered by Part 2 Two the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement.

The same applies to citizens of non-EU countries who have a current long-term residence permit from an EU or Schengen country and their immediate family members, as long as they comply with passport and visa regulations.

First-time entry by citizens of non-EU countries, however, is only permitted if they demonstrate that one of the exceptions to the entry restrictions applies to them, that is, if they are residents of a country who are allowed unrestricted entry into Germany, or if they are fully vaccinated [LINK] or if there is an urgent need for the entry [LINK]. Regarding entry by family members, see also [LINK].

We are currently only accepting visa application of individuals that are exempt from the restrictions outlined above.

Individual visa applications that were pending while the UK was classed as an “area of virus variants of concern” will now be finalised. Due to the large number of applications on hold, it will take some time to clear the backlog. We will not be able to speed up individual applications. In order to clear the backlog as soon as possible we will not be responding to individual requests for information etc.



We are pleased to inform you that our German Visa Application Center in London will start receiving applications on 13th of April 2021, while our Visa Application Center in Edinburgh will start receiving applications on 26th of April 2021 with prior appointment booking.

Our Call Center will answer your calls and reply to your written inquiries from 13th of April 2021.