Application Process

Submit your application at the Visa Application Centre

Step 1: Create your account on the TLScontact website.

Please create your account.

Step 2: Complete your online registration

After creating your account, you will be required to log in and fill the online application forms for all members travelling with you.
Every online application form must be correctly filled and completed prior being able to book an appointment.

Prior to make your appointment, please ensure that all required supporting documents for the applied visa are prepared to prevent unnecessary change or cancellation of appointment

Step 3: Make an appointment

Make an appointment to submit your application at the Visa Application Centre.

Important Notice:
1. Please print out your appointment confirmation letter, as you will be requested this document when you attend your appointment.
2. For group of more than 5 applicants, you will have to contact our customer representatives to make an appointment after completing your online registration.

Step 4:  Attend your appointment and submit your application at the Visa Application Centre

1. Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment with the appointment confirmation letter. For more information about personal appearance requirement, please click here.
2. An extensive range of Added Value Services is available to facilitate your application. To purchase them please contact our representatives in the Visa application centre.
3. Your application and supporting documents will be checked for completeness and transferred to the consular authority upon your approval.
4. Payment of application fees.
5. Enrol you biometric data. You can consult our FAQ page to know more about biometric enrolment and exemptions.

Important Notice:
In case of any lateness, no show, you will be required to make a new appointment thus lead to delay of your application.

Step 5: Visa Processing

Your application will be considered by consular authority. TLScontact does not make any decisions relating to your visa applications.

The consular authority may ask for more information, additional document or attendance of an interview. If this happens, you will be contacted by email with detailed instructions.

Important notice:
You can track your application at any time by visiting your personal account on our website.

Step 6: Collect your passport

Once your passport is returned to the Visa application centre from the consular authority, you will be notified by Email and SMS. You can then collect your passport in the Visa Application Centre.