Application fee

TLScontact is collecting three types of application fees:

Visa fees, which is collected on behalf of the consular authority for the application processing.

Application Service fees, which corresponds to the standard application processing service provided by TLScontact.

Added Value Service fees, which corresponds optional added Value Services you have used during application process.

Attention: Payment of the above fees does not guarantee that a visa will be granted. The visa fee and the service fee are both non-refundable and non-transferable after the application is transferred to the consular authority, visa application is denied by the administration or the applicant decides to terminate his or her application.

Accepted Payment Methods

- cash

Visa  fees

Type of Visa Euro (€) MAD
Airport transit visa 60 640
Transit visa 60 640
Short stay Schengen visa 60 640
Long stay Visa Schengen 99 1060

The visa fee is mandatory for all visa applications unless you are within the exemption categories.

*The visa fee is only collectible in MAD, and may change as a result of currency fluctuation

The visa fee is 35 EUR (380 MAD) for :

- Children between the age of 6 and below 12 years old.
- Nationals from Bosnia-Herzegovina*, Georgia, Kosovo, FYROM (Macedonia)*, Moldova, Montenegro*, Russia, Serbia* and Ukraine.
- Nationals from Armenia* and Azerbaijan above 12 years old.

* Only for holders of non biometric passports

The Visa  fee is fixed in euros but payable only in MAD (Cash). The exchange rate between these currencies is decided by the Consular Authority and is updated periodically, therefore the local currency amount you are requested to pay may differ from those quoted above. Please note that your Visa fee receipt will only quote the fee paid in euros.

Application service fees

The service fee, mandatory for all visa applications (unless you benefit of an exemption), is 269 MAD. This corresponds to the standard application processing service provided by TLScontact (i.e. Information provision, appointments booking, visa application reception, data processing, etc.).

Fee Exemptions

The following categories do not have to pay the visa fees:

• Children under 6 years;
• spouse of a German national;
• spouse of an EU national;
• Children under age 21 and financially dependent of an EU national;
• ascendants financially dependent of an EU national;
• pupils and teachers accompanying students doing a school trip;
• scientists (for a request for short stay visa);
• foreign professors teaching the German language (active);
• Fellows of the German government, foreign governments, foreign foundations or bénificiaires community programs (for travel within the program for which the scholarship was granted);
• nationals of Armenia and Azerbaijan * under 12 years;
• family members (spouse (s), children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren) of Georgian national legally resident in France (on presentation of proof of the family relationship and copy the title of the French stay family member living in Germany).

The following categories do not have to pay the application service fees:
    ● Short stay for children under six years old;

The following categories do not have to pay neither the visa fee nor application service fees:
 ● Consulate request

Please note that satisfactory proof must be submitted to establish that one of the above exemptions applies.

Added Value Service fees

please check on Added Value Service page.